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The Compassionate Friends offers more than 660 meeting locations around the country. In small towns and large cities, bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents meet together to talk, listen, share, and provide emotional support for families that are dealing with the devastating death of a child. When you attend chapter sessions, you won’t find professionals running the meetings and giving advice. We're not therapists and we do not provide counseling. Everyone will be just like you, someone who is going through the natural grieving process. Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions
It's only natural that before you attend, you'll have questions about what goes on at a chapter meeting. Here's the answer to some of the most common questions. Learn More

What to Expect
With more than 650 chapters of The Compassionate Friends across the United States, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, there are a number of different chapter meeting formats. Chapter leaders and steering committees work together to determine how the sessions can best be structured to help both the newly bereaved and returning members in their area. Read More